Toronto Has Named Their Captain

So the Toronto Maple Leafs have named John Tavares as their captain.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed because A. it should have been Morgan Rielly and B. it ruined my nap.

If you’re new here then you may have missed when I wrote about how Morgan Rielly should be captain of the Leafs. Although in that blog I argued for Morgan Rielly when rumors of Auston Matthews‘s captaincy were rising (in the BEGINING of September). Even though Matthews wasn’t selected, those points stand in this instance.

Rielly has battled with the Maple Leaf on his chest for 6 seasons. He’s dedicated himself to the team through thick and thin and Mo deserved the hell out of that captaincy.

When it comes to leading a team you have to know that room and be able to read it through a number of different situations. Just one season doesn’t seem like enough to know how to work the room or talk to all of the guys. You still feel like a New Guy, even if you have experience as a captain.

I’m not bad-mouthing John Tavares in any way, he seems like a nice guy and obviously knows how to be captainly. The way they told him he was captain was cute. But Tavares had his time, for 5 seasons with the Islanders.

You can try and spin it as the hometown kid becoming the captain but he’s not the only player from Toronto. Jason Spezza is also a hometown kid that took a risk to sign with his childhood team and they scratched him in the home opener for the first time in his career. Might not directly correlate but it’s still bullshit that I’m mad about, show some respect.

ANYWAY, I would have loved to see Morgan Rielly as captain and I defended my reasons in my last blog. I guess I’ve died on that hill and my ghost is here informing you on this malarkey. Congrats on the captaincy Tavares, good luck.

Featured Image: Associated Press/AP

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