Rantanen Returns To Colorado: Get You Someone As Supportive As Gabe Landeskog

Mikko Rantanen landed back in Denver on Monday and his Captain, Gabe Landeskog, was there to welcome him with open arms.

Rantanen re-signed on September 28th and is revving up to get this new season started.

“It feels great, I have been waiting for this pretty much since training camp started. I know the negotiation, it is all business, but I am really happy to be here… I felt pretty good actually, I came in last night (Sept. 29th) at 8:30 so I was expecting a little less energy today, but I felt surprisingly good.” (x)

The Avs are just as excited to have Mikko back (see: Gabe’s Sign).

gabe bein gabe.jpeg
Via Avalanche’s Twitter

The Avalanches’ first game is October 3rd against the Calgary Flames, a rematch after the Avs knocked the Flames in the 1st Round last season. The Avs are ready to storm the division this season after making some upgrades this offseason (I’m sorry TBarrie 😦 ).

Featured Image: Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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