Ham’s Take: NBC’s “Article” Is Nonsense and Blatantly Skips Over The Women Of Barstool

(Just like my last Barstool article, read the whole thing before you bitch at me.)

Sup, I’m back to defend the wall.

My name is Abi Hamilton. I’m a 19-year-old, “liberal”, and female member of the LGBTQ+ community. And I love Barstool Sports.

I’ve written before about how I do enjoy Barstool so this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. But I have a problem with this NBC piece, both as a writer and a female Barstool fan.

This NBC “article”, if you can even call it that, is such horseshit. Maybe it’s because I failed English twice (that was more to do with the dyslexia and sayin’ YOLO) but this jumble of words literally makes no sense. As someone who fancies herself a decent writer, this story jumps all over the place as well. The writer will jump between topics and then go back to previous topics after a few paragraphs.

Now her “reason” for writing this is even more outrageous. This woman bases her reasons for writing this Barstool hit piece on TWO (2) comments. T W O comments on a blog. The blog she took the comments from was one about Antonio Brown and the blog was written by Jerry Thornton. In his blog, he just posts the screenshots and statements of what has been announced and says “let’s let the facts play out”. So those comments don’t reflect the opinion of Barstool, it’s the opinion of some person in the comments section, there is a BIG difference. Learn it before you decide to go into journalism.

People are idiots all over the internet, Barstool fan or not. You can go to ANY YouTube video, blog, Instagram comment section and see some dumb shit like that. You can be looking at cute dogs on Instagram and someone will comment something that’s nasty and off the wall. Are you going to base that dog page off of that comment? No. Because comments on content don’t equate to the creator’s views.

Even though that malarkey “evidence” annoys me, here’s something that pisses me off more.

The writer never mentions the names of the women at Barstool that have built something for themselves. Even though her whole point is “mAnLiNeSs” and the women of Barstool are brought up, she completely skips over what those women have accomplished. Why do you think I haven’t mentioned the writer’s name once?

She includes quotes from Dave Portnoy where he says:

Screenshot 2019-09-21 at 18.44.32
Via this Nonsense

The writer doesn’t mention any of these 3 podcasts or any of the other female leadership besides Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool. The post doesn’t talk about Wajeeha Ahmed, CFO of Barstool, or Deirdre Lester, CRO of Barstool. As for the three podcasts that she leaves nameless, they’re Call Her Daddy, Chicks In the Office, and Schnitt Talk.

Call Her Daddy is hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. Chicks in the Office is hosted by Ria and Fran. Schnitt Talk is hosted by Ellie Schnitt. These fantastic women create amazing content and inspire so many people, myself included.

This is the 2nd time (that I’ve at least written about) a “Hit Piece” writer has left out these women in favor of creating a narrative that is false.

In June, HBO Real Sports and Soledad O’Brien aired a hit piece about Barstool and knowingly left out an hour-long interview with Ria. I am still upset about it because these pieces about working Barstool come out but there is one glaring problem. These “interviewers” don’t actually talk with the women of Barstool and when they do the writers decide “ooh this doesn’t fit the narrative that we’ve B.S.’d, scrap it.”

You don’t get to make up whatever you want and call it journalism, that’s not how this works.

These are not the only women at Barstool (obviously) so although Chicks In The Office is brought up, the rest of the women at Barstool are left out.

For example, what about Kayce Smith, who is so one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about college football. There is Liz Gonzales, a host of Big if True and the Barstool Snapchat Show and is so well versed in various sports. Barstool also has Marina, one of the best damn hockey bloggers I’ve ever read and has a podcast called Marina’s Morning Skate where she breaks down what is going on with the Boston Bruins. Last and definitely not least, there is Kate, a veteran and probably the biggest ray of sunshine in the world who co-hosts Zero Blog Thirty and Chaps & Kate Show.

These are the female bloggers of Barstool. They have built a world of their own at this company.

And they keep getting left out. To take a note out of Jim Lite’s book, it’s fucking horseshit. I’ve been blogging for a while now and I take a lot of pride in my work. If someone completely skipped over my work and just made shit up about it, I would be pissed. It’s blatant disrespect to the women who have worked their asses off to help build Barstool to what it is now. Show some respect and do your research, lady.

On top of all of this, when I look at Barstool I don’t see “MaNlInEsS”. I see honesty.

It’s a fan perspective to things, they’re bloggers, not journalists. The world is always changing. There is 0 way to stay on everyone’s good side all at once, it’s impossible. Everyone is canceled in the end, do you know why? We’re human, we fuck up. That’s life. Get over it and forgive people, not just the ones you obsess over (See: Jeffery Star).

Okay, I’m almost at 1,000 words and I need more coffee so I’ll leave off there.

Forgive people, let them learn from their mistakes, and respect all of the women at Barstool.

Featured Image: Myself

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