Just 8 RFAs Left: 3 Resigned and the Remaining 8

Preseason has officially started and the list of RFAs has finally been widdled down to just 8. Three major RFAs resigned this past week.

Travis Konecny resigned with the Flyers for 6 seasons with a $5,500,000 AAV.  I talked a bit more about resigning Travis when Provorov signed and you can read that here. This is a chart of his contract over the next 6 seasons.

Travis Konecny Contract.png
Chart via CapFriendly

The Bruins also got to work and resigned their 21-year-old defenseman, Charlie McAvoy. McAvoy played in 54 games last season with 28 points, 91 blocked shots, and 92 hits. The defenseman signed for 3 more seasons with a nice discount. McAvoy will have a $4,900,000 AAV with a few bonuses here and there, here’s the breakdown:

Charlie McAvoy breakdown.png
Chart via CapFriendly

Lastly, Brock Boeser resigned with the Vancouver Canucks. Boeser played in 69 games with 56 points last season. The 22-year-old averaged in 19:10 per game. He signed a 3-year deal with a $5,875,000 AAV. Here’s the breakdown:

Screenshot 2019-09-17 at 14.31.46.png
Chart via CapFriendly

There were three big RFAs for their teams so it’s great that they’re back into camp and ready for preseason. Now let’s turn to the players not at camp.

Now I’ve covered a number of these players recently so you can catch up here:

Here are the remaining 2 RFAs we haven’t dived into:

Time is counting down to the start of the season. There is only so much time left until these talented kids start missing games.

Featured Image: USA Today

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