Sign The Contract, Mitchell

New reports have come out regarding the Mitch Marner Contract Conundrum. Now, this is getting out of hand.

Darren Dreger tweeted earlier today that the Leafs offered Marner $11 million per season, that goes for 7 to 8 seasons. They also threw in about $1.6 mill a season in bonuses but 3 years is still what Marner is chasing.

This is hitting a ridiculous point.

I understand fighting for what you believe you are worth. For Marner, taking $11 million a season WITH bonuses is a gift. I think that $11 million is fine for Marner, he’s on the rise and figuring out who he is as an NHL player. The fact that Marner has been offered that money, numerous times, and turned it down is the dumbest decision in the world.

Getting paid $11 million is what Marner is worth, especially after this past season, but he needs to get over his obsession with “3-years”. Most RFAs are going for 3-years so that can be in a higher position for negotiations but this situation is not like every other RFA signing. The kid has got to take what he can get.

He’s got to chose between those 3-years and a smaller AAV or that $11 million (and maybe more) but long term with the Leafs. And after all of these talks and contract offers that have been rejected, I say let him sit. Let him go off and (maybe) play in Switzerland. Let him pout and miss what he had in Toronto.

If he wants to sit and miss out on the season because of this, let him. It’s not fair at all to his team, who have lost enough to this Cap-Hit-Debockal.

It comes to a point where you have to think about your team. It’s not even just the money and cap space either. Every single thing the team does will be put under the media as “would this have happened with/without Marner’s contract???” It sucks that it happens this way but we saw something similar with William Nylander last season. Everything will be shined over with some kind of contract talks and there is nothing that the players can do about that.

Morgan Rielly, Toronto’s Next Captain, said it well:

The players can’t trick Mitch into to training camp with bribes of V-Bucks and candy. (If they try to, I need a video copy.)

They’re kinda just left in the dust with this one and that sucks for them.

And now we’re left waiting once more. Occupying ourselves with memes and more Twitter Banter. Training camp starts too soon for me to think Mitch will be on the ice by then. I can pray that Marner will be on the ice with Toronto for the first regular-season game on October 2nd, but with the way that this is heading, I’m not so sure that’s gonna happen.

Mitch, please sign your contract so I can stop writing about this. It’s just getting sad and I’m running out of meme ideas.

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Featured Image: Kevin Sousa/NHLI via Getty Images

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