Huge Steps Forward: NWHL Announces Partnership With Twitch

This. Is. Huge.

The NWHL has announced that they will be partnering with Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming site, to broadcast their hockey games throughout the world. The two organizations have come to a three-year exclusive deal that brings all NWHL games to Twitch. Twitch will stream every regular season game, the Isobel Cup Finals, and special event games. All of these games are free to fans, you just have to go to (which you can get to here).

Every stream will be free to fans and allows the fans to interact via features such as the chat.

Even though the streams are free for fans, the NWHL will be receiving a “broadcast rights fee” which brings the League revenue. The NWHL and NWHL Player Association have agreed that NWHL players will be receiving 50% of the revenue brought in by Twitch.

That added revenue does not count towards the player’s salaries so it is an added bonus for the players. The League has struggled with having the funds to compensate their players for what their worth is. This is a big step for this upcoming season considering that a large number of their players boycotted the league this season due to the unsustainable salaries.

Not to mention that this move brings the NWHL exposure on a whole separate scale. Fans from around the world will be able to see their favorite players and teams compete, all for free. NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan said:

“The official announcement of our partnership with Twitch makes this a historic day for the NWHL, our players, fans and everyone who supports the advancement of women’s hockey. The live broadcasts of every single NWHL game on Twitch will allow us to both foster and grow our current community while introducing professional hockey to a new audience for the first time. Twitch’s platform also provides our fans and players the unique opportunity to collaborate on the viewing experience.” (x)

After a year with so many monumental fleets, this is one of the best steps forward for Women’s Hockey. The exposure created by this partnership and events, such as the Dream Gap Tour, are going to leave a lasting foot print onto the future of this game we all love so much.

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