Ben Zobrist Makes His Return To Cubs’ Roster, Wrigley Rejoices

Ben Zobrist made his return to Wrigley Field after four months away dealing with personal matters. On Sunday, the 38-year-old made his official return to the team, saying:

“I didn’t want to give half-effort while I was here and think about where my head and heart really were. So I knew for a period of time I needed to fully put myself back in Nashville, back at home with my family doing everything I could to keep my family together. That was my focus. That’s where my heart was at the time and that’s where my heart remains. I’m here now, because I feel that in my heart while I’m here at the field can put 100 percent into it and I can really get after it with my teammates. I’m looking forward to that push right here down the stretch.” (x)

In Zo’s first game back, the second-baseman had 3 at bats with 2 runs, 1 hit and an OPS of .606. Zobrist received a standing ovation from Cubs’ fans who were eager to see him back in his natural habitat: helping the Cubs win.

(Yes, his walkup song is still his ex-wife singing and he’s wearing the wedding ring. Leave the man be.)

The Cubs will be taking on the Brewers next, starting September 5th. They’ll be needing this reinvigorated Zo in their line-up to set things on the up and up with playoffs coming soon.

We’ve missed you Zo, welcome back!

Featured Image: CBC Sports

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