Jesse Puljujärvi Signs In Finland

Jesse Puljujärvi said earlier this month that he’s not chasing money, he’s chasing opportunity. Puljujärvi, a 21-year-old, right winger with the Edmonton Oilers, said:

“I want a team where I get a place in one of the first two lines and where I get to play for 15 minutes per game. Then I could show what I’m going for. That is my main goal,” (x)

Puljujärvi made it clear that he wouldn’t return to the NHL unless he had an opportunity to to play top 6 and he has done just that. Puljujärvi signed a one-year deal with the Finnish club Oulun Karpat. Puljujärvi can opt out and go play in the NHL by December 1st if he wants to.

This could be good for both parties. Puljujärvi is looking for an opportunity in big league ice time while Edmonton is playing the game of “Can we find anyone to play with McDavid before we trade them away?” (maybe with a new GM they stand a chance).

Last season, Puljujärvi played in 46 NHL games with 4 goals and 5 assists for 9 points and a -14 rating. He averaged 11:57 on the ice per game. Hopefully, he’ll find some more ice time in Finland and things can workout for him. He’s a talented right winger and it’s a loss to the NHL if he stays away, in the future he can hopefully find a team that will give him some ice and time to prove himself.

Featured Image: AP Photo/Karl B DeBlaker

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