Ham Sports Takes On the Spartan North American Championship

Hello dear reader, today I’m not talking about hockey or baseball.

This past weekend, my mother competed in the Spartan North American Championship so we packed up the rental car in Chicago and headed out to West Virginia. It was an 8-and-a-half hour trip (not counting stops) and driving through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio were dull. I’m used to Illinois being all plains and fields but it was that for 3 states straight.

Ohio Plains
Nothin’ but trees and fields in Ohio

Once we crossed the bridge into West Virginia, the drive livened up. The road through the mountains was beautiful, my mom and I had never seen mountains before so the whole time we were just in awe. We stayed in the little town of Beckley.


We stayed in on night 1. Beckely is a smaller town and with a race the next day, we opted for Dominos’ and shitty TV.


On Saturday, we headed out for the Spartan Beast race at Summit Bechtel Reserve. The scenes were absolutely astounding, with scenic mountains and big hills.


Sherri at the sign

I was able to snag a spot at the finish line for a majority of the time my mom was out racing. The bulk of the day was out at the Beast where my mom ran 14.4 miles, up and down the mountain with 38 obstacles mixed in.

Basically, my mom is a badass.

I also somehow got sunburn when it was cloudy.

After the big race, we headed to the Appalachian Days Festival in Downtown Beckley. It was a cute festival through town and, as a history nerd, it was great so see all of the little historical facts. Plus, I recommend White Oak Bee Company, their coffee is phenomenal. We toured the shops and explored the twisting roads of the West Virginian mountain roads.

99% of the roads there took a hard left or right every 10 feet, it was wild.

We headed back to the hotel, preparing to head back home the next morning.


Waking up before 6 am three-days in a row sucks but the sunrise over the mountains was worth it. A fog goes over the mountains in the morning that just adds to the experience of driving through the rolling hills.


the mountains

On our way out of West Virginia, I, the family conspiracy theorist, made my bother stop in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the legend Mothman originates from. Sadly, no shops or the museum were open but I did take pictures with the statue.

The Mothman statue
The Plaque at the Mothman Statue
Hams at the Mothman Statue


Across from the statue is a walkway that runs next to the Ohio River with murals about the founding of the US.

After stopping here, we drove the remaining 6 hours back home through the fields.


Be proud Canadians

I was finally able to try Tim Hortons’ double double and Timbits, which I highly recommend. Other than that, the drive home was boring. West Virginia was beautiful and it was the first Spartan Race I’d been to where the ground wasn’t sloshing mud.

There will be a short video about the trip coming up but editing it down will take a minute so stay tuned.

Featured Image: Myself

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