Val Nichushkin Signs With The Avalanche

The Dallas Stars bought out Val Nichushkin’s contract earlier this summer following his first season back in the NHL.

Nichushkin played in 57 games with 0 goals and 10 assists in that time while averaging 11:55 on the ice with 32 blocked shots, 71 hits, and 24 takeaways. He played in 1 playoff game with the Stars.

Nichushkin has a powerful stride and is versatile but he had problems with consistency last season that cost him ice time. He’s got a second change to make a great impression with the Avs. Nichushkin signed a one-year, one-way contract with the Avalanche worth $850,000.

The Avalanche were hot in the playoffs last season and have been making trades to have a big season. Val is a tough player and he can help out the Avalanches’ younger players who are just coming into the league. A change of pace is always helpful for a player so this can be a great thing for Val and the Avalanche both.

Featured Image: TheHockeyWriter

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