A’s Sign New Pitcher With Inspiring Story

The Oakland Athletics have signed a new 23-year-old pitcher with a very unusual story.

Nathan Patterson was at a Colorado Rockies game on July 15th, when his brother, Christian, and him decided to throw some pitches at the speed pitch challenge. Nathan recorded a 96 mph pitch, meanwhile his brother tweeted out the video and it’s gone viral.

This isn’t the first time Patterson lit up the radar gun. The 23-year-old had played baseball in high school but said he “didn’t really have a good arm then.” (x) But when attending a Nashville Sound game last August, Patterson hit 96 mph on the radar gun there and was shocked seeing as he hadn’t pitched since high school.

This started Patterson’s his journey to break into the big leagues. He started training after that game and working hard to get himself into shape to pitch in the big leagues. Patterson did have surgery on his non-throwing wrist after being hit by a car but he didn’t let that deter him. He tweeted this past January with videos of him working on his pitching, WITH the cast.

Patterson has talked with the A’s organization since February 2019. But he said “a few days [after the Rockies game] the A’s gave me a call.” (x)

And now, Patterson’s dream is finally coming true. Patterson tweeted this out earlier and thanked all the people who have supported him during his journey [Read the thread].

It’s an inspiring story and shows just what can happen when you follow your dreams and put yourself out there! Congratulations on making it to the big leagues and keep on inspiring Nathan!

Featured Image: NBC News

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