Cubs Trade Deadline Pick-Ups

It’s always hard to say goodbye to old friends but there is always a fresh start in a hello. (Listen I’m not a philosopher but roll with me here).

Today, July 31st, was the MLB’s Trade Deadline so let’s take a look at the trades that the Chicago Cubs made the last two days of the deadline.

July 30th:

The Cubs pick up RHP David Phelps (and cash) from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for RHP Thomas Hatch.

July 31st:

The Cubs pick up RF Nicholas Castellanos from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for RHP Alex Lange and RHP Paul Richan.

The Cubs pick up LHP Brad Wieck from the San Diego Padres for RHP Carl Edwards Jr.

The Cubs pick up CF Tony Kemp from the Houston Astros for C Martin Maldonado.

It sucks to see Carl Edwards Jr. go after everything he’s done for the Cubs but the guy is in desperate need of a fresh start so this move can be good for both the Cubs and Edwards Jr.

Let’s break it down and talk about the new players that the Cubs have in their arsenal.

The Pitchers

David Phelps: RHP, 32 years-old

Phelps has a 30-33 record over his 7 year career with an ERA of 3.88. Although Phelps has pitched in 245 games, only 65 were starts and he’s at a total of 571.0 IP. He’s got a career WHIP of 1.32 and a WAR at 5.2.

This season, Phelps has appeared in 17 games with 1 game started and a total of 17.1 IP and an ERA of 3.63. Phelps hasn’t batted in the MLB since 2017.

David Phelps
Charts Via

Brad Wieck: LHP, 27 years-old

Wieck is only in his 2nd year in the MLB. Counting last season, Wieck has appeared in 35 MLB games (30 this season, 5 last season)leaving him with a total  ERA of 5.40 with 31.2 innings pitched and brought himself to a 1.200 WHIP. Wieck has a WAR of -0.7, this season alone. Wieck has had 2 plate appearances that resulted in 1 strikeout.

Brad Wieck
Charts Via

The Fielders

Nicholas Castellanos: 3B, RF, 27 years-old

Castellanos is in his 7th MLB season, with 100 games under his belt mostly in Right Field. Castellanos has played 89 games this season in right and 11 games as a designated hitter. In those 89 games in right, he has had 205 fielding changes and only committed 2 errors in 784 innings. Castellanos has a fielding percentage of .990 and this season, he’s got a 1.2 WAR.

When it comes to batting, Castellanos has taken advantage of his 403 at bats with 57 runs, 110 hits (leading the league with 37 doubles), 11 home runs, and 37 RBIs.  He’s got a batting average of .273 and a OPS of .790.

Tony Kemp: OF, 2B, 27 years-old

Kemp, a 4 year veteran in the MLB, has played in 66 games this season split between left field (14 G, 75.2 Inn), center field (11 G 70.0 Inn), 2nd base (29 G, 215.0 Inn), and designated hitter. Between all positions, Kemp has faced 121 fielding chances and committed 0 errors. It gives him a 1.000 fielding percentage, alongside a WAR of 0.6.

Kemp has had 163 at bats this season with 23 runs, 37 hits, 17 RBIs, and 7 home runs. He’s got a batting average of .227 and a OPS of .725.

Featured Image: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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