It’s Day 1 of the Blackhawks Convention And I’m Already Pumped For This Season

The Blackhawks are hosting their annual Blackhawks Convention this weekend and, as a Chicagoan Blackhawks fan, I’m getting so amp'[d up this next season.

Missing out on playoffs for the past two seasons has stung, especially when the players are having such memorable seasons. But this year, I think they can get themselves back into playoff contention.

The Hawks picked up Andrew Shaw (once more), Calvin de Haan, Robin Lehner (blog), Olli Maatta (blog), Alex Nylander (blog), and Zack Smith (blog) through trades and signings. The team drafted Kirby Dach at 3rd overall. The team has set up a youthful mix with the veteran leadership.

It’s looking to be a bright season and the Captain thinks so as well.

The Blackhawks Convention always works as a great time to get pumped for the upcoming season and all of the content that comes out of it is fantastic. (We missed you Steeger)

Also for the first time in fo-fuckin’-ever the Blackhawks play at home on my Birthday. It’s against Buffalo but I’m so in.

Alexa, play Chelsea Dagger.

Featured Image: Getty images

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