Ian Happ Is Comin’ Back

Ian Happ is comin’ back and I’m so fuckin’ ready. Last night, we talked about how the Cubs finally sent Addison Russell down to the AAA Iowa Cubs¬†and now they’re calling up Ian Happ for the first time this season.

Happ has been doing well in the AAA. He’s played in 99 games with the Iowa Cubs. Batting-wise, Happ has been hot, of his 359 at bats this season, Happ has had 87 hits, 16 home runs, and 53 RBIs. He’s got a batting average of .242 and a OPS of .795 from a .364 on-base percentage combined with his .432 slugging percentage.

Happ has been at 2nd and in the outfield this season. His hot spot has been centerfield where he’s played 79 games this season, but he’s played all 3 outfield potions and 2nd base. At center, Happ has only committed 3 errors and faced 162 defensive chances, averaging a .981 fielding percentage. At 2nd, he’s played 20 games there with 60 chances and a 1.000 fielding percentage.

If Happ can keep this run going, he’s setting up for a great return to the Cubs. The one problem is the Cubs tend to let players drop when they’re hot so he’ll just need to battle that consistency issue. But overall his return will be good.

Featured Image: 670 The Score

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