Cubs Update: Russell Sent To Iowa FINALLY

The Chicago Cubs have finally optioned Addison Russell and sent him down to the Iowa Cubs. Russell has played in 55 games with only 36 hits, an OPS of .773, and 16 RBIs. He’s got a WAR of .5, so sending him to the AAA-team is a good idea. Plus, bad for morale, fuck that guy.

AND here is a fun stat from Twitter.

The Cubs are on the ups from here. They pulled off a nice 4-1 victory today so let’s keep the positivity going.

Robel Garcia played 2nd today with Javier Baez at SS. Garcia as been amazing in his 15 games with the Cubs. In that time, he’s got 4 homeruns, 8 RBIs, and a batting average of .279 from 43 At Bats. He’s got on OPS of 1.017. For a 26 year old looking for playing time, he’s made a pretty good campaign.

David Bote stepped in at 3rd when Kris Bryant left the game and it was good to see the Boat back on the field. Bote is an amazing player but with Russell about, we haven’t seen him as much. Bote has played in 89 games this season with 9 home runs, 36 RBIs, and an OPS of .757. Bote has a WAR of 1.3.


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