Strome And DeBrincat Resigning Unlikely To Happen This Summer

Dylan Strome and Alex DeBrincat reignited some old chemistry on the ice last season with the Blackhawks and came together to score a combined 133 points.

Now, heading into the final season of their entry-level contracts, talks have begun to rise regarding a re-sign with the Blackhawks and when it’s going to happen. Sorry to break it to you but they’re not going to re-sign this summer.

Plain and simple, the Blackhawks don’t have the money to resign both superstars to a reasonable contract. The Hawks have $3,336,539 left in Cap Space. They could split that in half for each player but that’s unreasonable to do now when they don’t have the money and there is still time.

The Blackhawks need to focus more on resigning RFA Brendan Perlini, who got traded to the Blackhawks alongside Dylan Strome. Perlini played in 68 games with 14 goals and 7 assists with a -17 rating and averaged 11:36 on the ice per game. He was a big help to the Hawks with his play on the ice so they should bring him back for this upcoming season.

Resigning Brinksy and Strome can be put on the back burner at the moment. The Hawks have made some smart moves throughout this off season and they can hold off on this so they don’t go completely broke. But fret not Hawks fans, the Hawks aren’t going to give up on these two, prospering superstars.

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