It’s Jamie Benn’s Birthday So Here’s My Top 10 Jamie Benn Moments

Listen the title says Moments but it’s more than that. July 18th was Jamie Benn‘s birthday and because he’s my favorite player, here are some both amazing and funny Jamie Benn Moments.

10. Natural Talent

The Big Man has got Big Talent. If he wants get around anyone he wants to and it’s amazing to see a guy that big do it. Not to mention he’s got a natural shot that lights the puck on fire.

9. Determination of a Warrior

Jamie will fight, tooth and nail to help his team. Even when his team is down and out, he’s giving them hope. He wants to be right alongside his team in the fight, even if he’s hurting. Here’s a hat trick from the last game of the 2017-2018 season for the Stars, after the team dropped out of playoff contention. Jamie had a hat trick in the 1st period.

8. Jamie Says Suck It – Snaps Stick Over His Knee

This is just a fantastic moment.

7.¬†Bastard Ain’t Afraid of Nothin’

Jamie Benn will go toe to toe with any mother fucker in the league, regardless of if they’re a vet or some new kid. On top of that, he’s not afraid of anything most human being are afraid of.

6. Well…. One Fear

Okay, he has one fear but at least this great video came from that.

5. The Llama Commercial

No comment, just a commercial I am still confused by.

4. Homeskillet Could Have Been a Baseball Player

Benn loved baseball and hockey growing up and he gave up baseball to play for the Kelowna Knights after being drafted but holy shit does this guy have a rocket of a swing.

3. Benn Fight Club

Jamie is a massive fighter. Like I said before, he’ll go toe to toe with anyone who tries to tussle with his boys. Here are 2 fights from this last season that were astounding.

Versus Anderson: I literally have a picture of this fight on a t-shirt.

This fight with Miles Wood goes old school and what I love about it is even when Jamie is down, he fights his way back up and takes Wood down.

2. Petty

Jamie is the King of Being A Petty Bitch

1. This Fuckin’ Goal (C. October 2011 vs Columbus)

This goal is pure insanity and it perfectly enraptures just how much of a beast Jamie Benn is.

Happy Birthday, Captain!

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