3 Teams That Would Benefit from Picking Up Ryan Dzingel

Ryan Dzingel escaped Ottawa last season right before the trade deadline and landed in Columbus. Dzingel played in 21 games with the Blue Jackets, collecting 4 goals and 8 assists to finish out the season. He continued into post season with 1 point in 9 games.

Things between Dzingel and Columbus must have not meshed because, according to this NYPost, the team hasn’t attempted to keep the 27 year-old forward around. They really should consider bringing him back seeing as they just lost Artemi Panarin, Matt Duchene, and Sergei Bobrovsky.

BUT with there still being no word as to what’s happening with him, let’s talk about 3 teams that would benefit from adding Ryan Dzingel.

1. The Newly Stacked Devils

The Devils are going to be a threat this season. The team just drafted Jack Hughes first overall, picked up PK Subban and Wayne Simmonds. All within a weekend. They’ve already got talent in Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier, and Kyle Palmieri.

They had a base to be built upon, they acquired some new and old blood, and now they’ve still got room to add. Putting Dzingel in this line up would help the team spice up their 2nd and 3rd lines. He can play both the wings and centre so he can be put into any slot.

The team has a projected $20,770,000 in Cap Space so they have more then enough room to add Dzingel. His last contract had an AAV of $1.8 million, so bumping him up to $2 million, MAYBE up to $2.5 mill, isn’t a large price to pay.

2. The Missing Red Wings

Detroit has hit a wall in recent years. They’ve got Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha but not much else that sticks out. Only 4 of their players came out with 40 points on the season. They had Gustav Nyquist but he is now in Columbus.

Adding Dzingel would give them some depth into the line up and perhaps a boost in the standings. Putting him on the third line with a veteran like Valtteri Flippula, who had 31 points in 72 games last season, and Darren Helm, 17 points in 61 games, puts some lethal-ity (that’s a word right?) to the lower 6.

They’ve got less room than the Devils with only $5,284,623 left in Projected Cap Space, but they don’t have any roster players that are looking to be resigned.

3. The Troubled Out West (LA Kings)

It’s another team that’s in a rough spot but Dzingel would be helpful. The Kings landed in 8th in the Pacific last season with a record of 31-42-9. They nixed their coach after going 4-8-1 in the first 13 games, it’s been a rough season.

Dzingel would fit well at the Kings’ 2nd line, maybe 3rd. He had 56 points last season which would put him 3rd in most points for the Kings. Dzingel wouldn’t be the end all be all fixing stone for the Kings but he’d help out a hell of a lot.

Plus LA is a nice city, right?

The Kings have $11,865,606 in projected Cap Space so they can fit in a nice $2 million for Ryan.

In Conclusion

Dzingel is still a young guy, lookin to play somewhere and I think he’ll do well in any of these 3 places. My overall bid for him would be the Devils, he’d have a good shot at another playoff run there and get to play alongside some great players. The other two could use someone like him to get themselves higher in the standings and add a few goals to the list. Not to mention he can end up building upon his game there and make some bank.

Anyway, now we wait to see where the man will sign!

Featured Image: nhl.com

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