What Is Next For Mr. Game Seven?

Justin Williams is still a UFA and it leaves you to wonder what is next for Mr. Game Seven? It’s a toss up between if he’s going to retire and if he’ll sign. Personally, I think it’s unlikely that Williams is going to retire now.

This season was his 18th in the NHL and he had a good run as Captain of the Carolina Hurricanes. Williams played in all 82 games with 23 goals and 30 assists (53 points) while averaging 17:21 on the ice per game. Williams also helped Carolina break their playoff drought and continued on for another 15 games with 4 goals and 3 assists. He was up in points compared to the last few seasons and Williams didn’t seem to be slowing down just yet.

He’s battled through injury and trade before so I find it hard to believe that he’s call it quits now. Williams is a warrior, I don’t feel like he’d lie down and let his career end like this. He’s still got that fire in his eyes like he’s about to drag Carolina into another playoff battle.

If Williams ends up resigning, it will be with Carolina. He’s been through free agency and done his time around the league but Carolina is where he chose to come back to. So if he resigns, it’ll be one, MAYBE two, more years with Carolina at between $4-$5 million. His last contact had a cap hit of $4.5 million and if this is his final contract he won’t want to come back for less than last time.

Carolina has got the space for him. They have an estimated $10,394,334 in cap space so they’ve got room to bring their Captain back.

I think we’ll see him in the league again next season. Of course, I’m not in the guy’s head so he could retire if he feels it’s time, and God knows there is a lot of hinting that this could be it.

Williams has won 3 Stanley Cups, played in 1,399 games with 887 points. BUT the guy has a fighter’s heart and fiery spirit so I have a feeling that he’s not done yet.

Featured Image: NHL.com

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