Amanda Kessel Helping Grow The Game

Amanda Kessel is teaming up with the New York Rangers to grow the game of hockey! Today it was announced that the Rangers are helping Kessel launch a girls-only youth hockey program to get more girls involved in hockey.

Kessel is the perfect role model for this program. She is a fantastic player, with 2 Olympic Medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver) and could easily out play most of the NHL.

Kessel told Cheddar:

“Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity like this to play with other girls. There was no choice but to play with boys. Now that girls have this opportunity, I think they sometimes they just feel a little bit more comfortable and will take that risk in playing hockey.”

Of course when photos surfaced with Kessel in a Rangers’ jersey… there was hope but I’ll still dream. Regardless, this program is going to change lives. Kessel has already inspired hockey players, male and female, across the globe and it’s amazing to see her do something fantastic like this. It’ll get more girls into hockey, help grow the game and even the NWHL. This is going to be amazing to watch from here on!

Featured Image: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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