My Opinion On Barstool Sports (Actually Read It Before You Bitch At Me)

Barstool Sports is a controversial topic, I know. But fuck it, we’re talking about this. HBO aired apart of Real Sports where they basically call out Barstool for things Dave Portnoy, founder, has said in the past. Some of it I agree, it’s too far. But here is one thing:

I like Barstool. And I’m a feminist. Fight me.

No I’m not a fan of the shit Portnoy says because half of it I’m like “hey just let people fucking be and move on.” Sometimes he goes to far and I don’t like it. But everyone at Barstool is not Dave Portnoy and you cannot judge everyone at that company based of the founder. So if you don’t like Portnoy, don’t hate all of Barstool because of it.

To add onto that, some fans of Barstool are fuckheads. Some are disgusting vile creatures. But every fandom has that. You can’t blame Barstool for the 1% of shitty fans they have. All the Stoolies I have met, such as at Chiclets Live were very kind and wanted to talk hockey with me. At the Winter Classic, a bunch of Stoolies offered me and my mom beers that they brought and showed us all the food that was set up at the tailgate. Those Stoolies were the best, they were lovely and I had friend that I still talk to while I was there. The fuckers that spam people on twitter, those are disgusting idiots that need to get their shit together.


I love Barstool. Getting a job without a degree is a bitch and a half. The world is so focused on degrees and internships that are expensive. Some people can’t live out their dream because they can’t afford school or the debt.

For example, Ria at Barstool dropped out of college and you know what she does now? She has a radio show on Sirius XM, has a podcast, and writes blogs for Barstool. And guess what, in the HBO show that was aired about Barstool they didn’t air ANY of of Ria’s interview about what it is like to be a woman working at Barstool. Read it here. This is so fucking important and Ria is an icon and she DESERVES to have her story told.

The thing is Barstool gives them a chance. It’s the opinion of the people.

Sometimes the media of sports can be boring because it’s so professional. Then you’ll have to sit around all day and listen to people in suits tell you what’s right and wrong and I’ll be honest, it get’s fucking boring.

That’s fucking boring.

With Barstool, you get honest opinions. You get the opinion of the average person. On Spittin’ Chiclets, you get the honest opinion of 2 Ex NHL players (Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney), a purebred Bostonian (RA), and Grinnelly. Even outside of sports. If you follow the Chicks in the Office, you can hear about the latest gossip. You can tune into Zero Blog Thirty and listen to 3 Veterans (Kate, Chaps, Cons) talk about current topics surrounding the military. If you’re a Bruins fan let me recommend Marina to you. (Listen I listen and read all the hockey stuff, look at what I write about most)

They have something for everyone.

It’s HONEST. I’m not told a professional opinion from some guy in fancy language that makes me, a 19-year-old who is not in college and barely passed English, feel like an idiot. That’s why I started my own blog. To have my own voice.

Don’t like ’em? Formulate your own and write about it. That’s what the internet is.

So no, I don’t like what Portnoy said all the time. But I still love Barstool and their workers. They all have a story and work their asses off so I won’t hate a whole company and waste my time on Twitter bitching just because¬†I don’t like what ONE guy says.

So that’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, okay, let’s debate. Let’s talk about it. Screaming that people are wrong on the internet is stupid and toxic. Explaining your side of the story, understanding. That’s how the fucking world moves forward. That’s all. Have a nice day.

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