The Stars have made a trade and acquired Ryan Hartman from the Philadelphia Flyers for Tyler Pitlick. I’ll miss you Pitlick but HOLY SHIT am I excited for Ryan Hartman to be a Star. Now I know Stars fans are gonna be salty about the Hartman vs Dobby rivalry BUT this is a good move. (Also if those two mischievous idiots become friends this season’s video content is gonna be phenomenal)

As a Chicagoan, I saw Hartman grow while he was with the Hawks. I love a good fighter and Hartman is just that. He’ll drop the glove but he works his ass off on the ice. He doesn’t get injured often and he brings energy to every game.

Hartman played in 83 games this season (64 in Nash and 19 in Philly) with 12 goals and 14 assists. He isn’t a top scorer but he brings depth to the team, something Stars fans complain about quite often. He averaged 13 minutes on the ice per game this season.

(Listen this is the only good compilation I can find okay)

Hartman is 6’0″ and 181 pounds but he uses his weight well. He had 39 blocked shots with 107 hits and 35 takeaways. Be excited for this Stars fans. Hartman brings depth and drive, he livens up the game. He also defends his teammates. If you take out a Star, be prepared to have Hartman come after you.

Hartman is up as an RFA but if the Stars can sign him, it’ll be great. He doesn’t have a huge price tag. His last contract was $875,000 and he won’t be as expensive as resigning some other Stars’ players.

I’m excited for this trade. Don’t get hung up on the past shit, just accept it and let’s fucking party this season. He can bring good things to the Stars and that’s what they NEED right now. If Hartman resigns I’m excited to see what he can do for the Stars. Give him a chance Stars fans, you won’t regret it.

Featured Image:Al Bello, Getty Images

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