Maple Leafs Making BIG Moves

The Maple Leafs been the Talk of Twitter today with the moves they’re putting together.

Now first, Patty Marleau.

Marleau has been traded from the Leafs to Carolina after waiving his no movement clause so the team could have more cap space. The Hurricanes are going to try to get Marleau wants to play with them and if not they’ll buy out his contract, per LeBrun.

This trade hurt as a fan because Patty is the Team Dad and it only got sadder with these 3 tweets.

It sucks for the team culture wise because Patty was a big part BUT they have room. The Leafs have a number of young talented players that are up for Free Agency. Marner’s camp has yet to have anything finalized and he’ll likely meet with other teams when RFA visiting starts on Wednesday, per source.

The loss of Marleau is to focus on this young team. Even moving a first round pick next season to preserve this younger, fast core.

Dubas now can focus on two young players that produced for him this season. Firstly, Kasperi Kapanen. Kapanen played in 78 games this season with 20 goals, 24 assists and a +12. Kapanen has only gotten better in his time with the Leafs and resigning him is a must. Per Bob McKenzie, Kapanen would fit a 3 year, $3.2 million deal. Good player, good cost.

Next, Andreas Johnsson. Johnsson hada good campaign as well with 20 goals and 23 assists in 73 games. The 24-year-old would fit with a four-year $3.4 million deal.

With Marleau gone, the Leafs can breath a bit more. They have some space to fit in the talent they have. So now it’s waiting time with Mitch.

Featured Image: Icon Sportswire/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

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