Joe Thornton Isn’t Done Yet

Well, Joe Thornton is really going to play until his feet fall off. Today, the 39 (almost 40) year old veteran told the media at the NHL Awards that he’s not done yet. Thornton told ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski:¬†

“I’ll probably play another 10 years. That’s what I’m thinking. Five to 10 right now. I got nothing else going on, we’ll see,”

It’s been said before that the man is a true rink rat, which we talked about in our Whose To Say with him and Patty Marleau. This season, Thornton played in 73 regular season games, plus 19 in playoffs, with 20 goals (16 reg. season + 4 post) and 41 assists (35 reg. season + 6 post). He averaged in 15:33 a game which is down from usual but he was still an important part of the team’s leadership. Even though he’s lacking on the ice the last few seasons he still has a big part in the locker room.

It’s no surprise that he’s going to keep playing as long as he can. Although Thornton has battled injury, he’s rejuvenated going into this summer. In the ESPN interviews, Thornton also said: “My body feels great. It’ll be the first summer in a long time when I don’t have to rehab, so I’m excited about that.” Thornton still has to resign but with Erik Karlsson also making his return, whose knows where the Sharks could be next season. For now, it’ll be a wait until July 1st to what Thornton signs for.

Featured Image:USA Today

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