Ham’s Take On The Plot Twist Ending On This Season: What?

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the season is over. And after all of that, St. Louis some how won the Stanley Cup?

Does anyone else feel like this season has been a fever dream??

If you’re a St. Louis fan, I suggest you leave now or skipping to the “**” down a few paragraphs. I’m a Chicagoan who is hotheaded and has very strong feelings about this sport.

First of all, I don’t like Jordan Binnington. Sure, he was solid on the ice in the last few games but he still irks me. Yes, I’m a woman and I am often told that I don’t know anything about sports just because I’m a woman. So some asshat saying “If you have a period… be quiet” makes me wanna puck their lights out. So no, you bitch ass, I won’t be quiet. Nothing is going to change that.

On top of that Binnington never even said “I’m sorry for what I said,” he just skimped around it and said “I wAs A kId”. Cool story bro, still apologize like a damn adult.

And on top of that, if you are already a goalie in the AHL that throws cheap slashes (and proceeds to do so in the NHL) at least clean out your twitter as times change. It’s not that hard to go through your tweets and take out things that may be a little risque now as the world becomes more PC. Don’t feel like doing that? Delete your account. Also, his handle is a knock off of BizNasty’s, you’ll never be as cool as Paul Bissonnette bud.

Okay, Binnington rant over. Guy irks me, I can’t help it and that’s not gonna change.

Next, how the hell did St. Louis pull this off?

Like, yes NBCSN we fucking KNOW they were in last on the morning of January 3rd, you’ve said it 6,000 times. But they some how pulled together a 11 game win streak to do this. They lasted through physically and emotionally demanding games. I give them some credit in that but I’m still fucking salty.

**The Bruins were dead in the last game, there was so much back and forth and missed chances. It was hard to watch. Not to mention NBCSN screwed me by showing an upset David Pastrnak sitting on the ice in tears. That shit hurt.

I’ll admit that I’m a Blackhawks and Stars fan that was riding on the Bruins because A. Chicagoan and St. Louis don’t mix and B. The Blues eliminated the Stars. But I wasn’t as emotionally attached to any Bruins EXCEPT for Pastrnak. I’ve been watching some of his plays this season and the guy is fantastic on the ice, not to mention he’s funny off the ice (see Spittin’ Chiclets Episode 152). Pasta wasn’t on the team in 2011 so he doesn’t have a Cup but he deserves one. He had 3 shots on goal in Game 7. He (and the other Bruins) just couldn’t get the puck past Binnington. I can go on for days about Pasta but I’ll stop here.

Lastly, give Laila Anderson a day with the Cup. That girl deserves the world. Yes I would have loved for Boston to win but the only reason I’m not decimated is because the videos of Laila and the Cup are too precious.

If she doesn’t get a day or at least some time, I have a feeling Parayko will invite her to his day with the Cup because that kid is pure.

Well the 2018-2019 season is over and so is my rant (for now). That’s wild. I miss hockey already. But it’ll be back soon.

Ham Sports isn’t going anywhere either. You can still catch us here or on Twitter and Instagram. And Facebook I guess.

The off season likes to screw us over as much as the regular season. So until next time (tomorrow) stay unpredictable hockey world.

Featured Image: NHL.com

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