Fifa Women’s World Cup: Team USA Takes Down Thailand Effortlessly

The US Women’s National Soccer Team drowned Team Thailand’s Womens Soccer Team in the Fifa Women’s World Cup Opener! Team USA won with a final score of 13-0! Team USA vastly outplayed Team Thailand, only allowing Thailand 2 shots on net.

Alex Morgan has 5 GOALS for Team USA! Morgan snagged the first goal of the competition:

The Americans set numerous records within the one game. The team set records for:

  • Highest-scoring game (13 goals)
  • Most goals in one game by one team (13 goals)
  • Largest Victory margin (13 goals)

Alex Morgan tied the record for most goals in a game. Morgan is tied with Michelle Akers who set that goal in 1991.

This has been just Game 1 of the Fifa WWC. Team USA plays again Sunday June 16th at 11 AM CT against Chile’s National Team!

Featured Image:AP Photo/Steve Luciano

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