Just One Game

This is the most important game of the season. Tonight, the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues face off and the winner will have a lasting imprint on history. Will it be St. Louis’ first Cup or Boston’s Fight Back.

Personally, I’ve said I want Boston. They’re a team that’s got talent and drive but if they’re going to live to fight another day, things haven’t exactly been going their way. David Pastrnak has been point less the past 2 games, their Captain is injured, the penalty calling hasn’t been going their way and they’ve been losing valuable players to injury because of it; they’re fighting a rough battle.

You could say they have excuses to lose but in reality it’s reasons to win.

Win it for your Captain whose playing with a broken jaw. Win it for the hometown kid, Charlie Coyle, who just came home and is fighting with the team he cheered for growing up. Win it for the guys who weren’t around in 2011. Win it for your teammates who went out with injury. Now is the time to wake up. Now is time to win this game.

Just One Game. Don’t think about the next 60, just focus on this 60 now. And win for the city and fans behind you. Win it for the guy sitting next to you. Just win one game. This game.

Let’s go Bruins.

Featured Image: NHL.Com

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