Ben Bishop Is Going To Win The Vezina

The NHL Awards are about 2 weeks away and I’m telling you that Ben Bishop is going to take home the Vezina. The man dominated this season and carried the Dallas Stars on his back.

Bishop blew Andrei Vasilevskiy, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Robin Lehner, of the New York Islanders, out of the water. Bishop had the better:

  • Save Percentage (.934)
  • Goals Against Average (1.98 GAA)
  • Shutouts (7)

Playoffs aren’t really taken into account with this (which is bullshit) but Bishop absolutely killed his 2 competitors there as well. Bishop played in 13 games, more than the other two, with 7-6-0 and a .933 SV%. Bishop made incredible save after incredible save. He gave his team a fighting chance at the Cup, if their production was down then Bishop was making damn sure he was keeping pucks put of the net.

Vasilevskiy disappeared in Round 1 and the Lightning fell apart. Even during the season he had the most wins but otherwise, he wasn’t the top dog of the league. His team’s scoring abilities is what got them to playoffs.

Lehner won the Jennings with the Islanders. He did come in second for SV% (behind Bish) and had a shutout his first game of the season but that’s about it. His team was once again a big help with winning the Jennings.

When you look at the other 2 teams, they had a lot of help from their team. As much as I love the Stars and I’ve already said it but I will admit that their production, on ALL levels (fuck you Lites), was lacking this season. Bishop got the Stars in a playoff position and battled through injury to get them there. This would be compensation for all of his hard work through out the season and into the post season.

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