Did We Just Become Best Friends? Yep. Is Craig Kimbrel a Cub? Yep

I’m not a big “I told you so guy”, but I am a huge “I told you so guy” so suck it St. Louis.  You may have have your cute little hockey team getting a crack at the big, bad Bruins, but you can kiss your NLCS dreams goodbye, you shit dump of a city (I’ve been there once, so I’m allowed to say that.)

What did I say Theo would do? Is the reliever market deflated? IS a 20.1 WAR good? Idk you tell  me, but ole’ Keg Krimble is a great addition to the bad news bears that are currently sprinting in from under the left field bleachers for the Cubs right now (right field sucks btw).  I’m head over heals at what a tactition Theo is in this game.  Named as a the GM of the Red Sox at the age of 28, how do you not love and respect this man?  I’m almost 28 and I was pulling poop out of my dog’s ass hairs earlier today.  I don’t want to leave out Jed, because alot of people do and he is the Yin to Theo’s Yang.  Also, Jed is a man rocket whose physique and smile defy a man of his age, but that’s a blog for a different day.

Bottom line is the Cubs went and got their man, at the right time, at the right price, and Cubs fans everywhere should be excited.

So everybody now, rock your body right.  The Cubs are going to the World Series at a minimum.  The Brewers suck (lost 16-0 to the Marlins last night lol), STL is a shit hole, and the Pirates and Reds are guna do what they do best. Give up dingers.

Peace out for now, but dibs, double dibs, no takesies backsies, I called it.  You heard it first from @ham_sports. Craig Kimbrel is a Cub.

PS – I know “Everybody Now, Rock Your Body Right” is a Backstreet Boys lyric, but BSB dominates N*sync in every facet of the game so suck it N*Sync.

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Featured Image: CBS Sports

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