David Bote: Assistant Captain Clutch

Since getting called up to the Chicago Cubs last season in the end of April, David Bote has been fire for the Cubs. This underdog was drafted in the 18th round by the Cubs back in 2012 and he’s worked hard to prove his worth.

Bote played in 74 games last season and was Assistant Captain Clutch (can’t top Javy Baez) with 33 RBIs, 44 hits, and a number of astounding hits that left Cubs’ fans chanting his name. Bote will play any position needed (he only hasn’t been a pitcher or catcher) but spends most of his times at 2nd and 3rd base. He really is the go to man for what the Cubs need. Bote has quickly grown as a Cubs fan favorite in a short amount of time.

This season, Bote has been on his game once more. He’s been in 52 games this season and he’s continued the Assistant Captain Clutch title. Bote has got 30 RBIs and had 7 alone in the Cubs’ game against Colorado on the 6th.

The Cubs need to keep David Bote around. He doesn’t go up for free agency until 2025 but trading him would be a bad idea. The team dropped from playoffs early next year but with a fresh batting coach and some new players to spice up the outfield. Not to mention the Cubs picked up new pitcher Craig Kimbrel who should be added to the lineup soon.

Bote is the bow that ties the team together. He’s a guy you can turn to and know he can fucking deliver. With him and the new guys, the Cubs are looking at good chances to go deep into the playoffs.

Featured Image: ESPN.com

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