Where Victor Söderström Should Land

Sweden has a tendency for producing promising young stars for the NHL. They’ve done it again with 18-year-old right-handed defensemen Victor Söderström.

Victor Söderström is a 5’11” Swedish defensemen, weighing in at 179 lbs. This year, he’s played in 65 games this season, across 4 teams, with 18 points, he also packed on 28 PIMs.

As for his playing style, he’s a lively skater, always aware of whats happening on the ice with his head on a swivel. Söderström is a deeply competitive player but he does make smart decisions on the ice, he doesn’t take a million penalties on the ice. Söderström is not an extremely productive defensemen but gets points when need be and works hard as a two-way defensemen. 

Söderström is predicted to be drafted between 10th and 14th, there is not telling if he’ll go earlier or later. Between those 4 teams though, I feel that he’s likely to be selected by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Although Söderström is signed to another season in Sweden, he’d still make a great addition to the Flyer’s defense. The Flyers will have 4 defensemen going up for free agency in the 2020-2021 season, putting a young kid in the mix can be a good measuring stick for where you want to go next. Philly has an aging defense as well, the average age is 27.5, adding some youth could be good for their playoff chances.

The team has seen what happens when they add young players onto their offence and it net. So adding a player like Söderström would only work wonders for the Flyers in the future.

Featured Image: Nathalie Andersson

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