Blues and Bruins Face Off In Stanley Cup Final

After an entertaining playoff series, we’re finally down to the final 7 games of the 2018-2019 NHL season!

The St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins will face off in the Stanley Cup Finals starting May 27th. This will be the first time the Bruins and Blues have met in the Finals since 1970! And last time that happened, this iconic photo was taken.

The Blues have never won a Stanley Cup and the last time the Bruins won the Cup was in 2011. The Blues finished this season with 99 points and a 45-28-9 record. The Bruins had a record of 49-24-9 and 107 points. Both teams were all over the board in the standings this season, the Blues were in last in December and the Bruins fought to come back to a playoff spot.

And now that the Bruins have swept the Hurricanes, will they get swept by the Blues in return?

This season has been wild for every team in the NHL, now it’ll be a photo finish for the Stanley Cup!

Featured Image:

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