Blues Just One Win Away From Stanley Cup Finals

The St. Louis Blues took control of the Western Conference Finals last night when the team took out the Sharks in a 5-0 victory.

The Sharks got torn apart, riddled with penalties and lacking puck control. For the Blues Jaden Schwartz had a hat trick in the game; Vlad Tarasenko and Oskar Sunqvist scored.

The Sharks’ biggest problem of this game was penalties. The Sharks were out of their mind with a total of 36 PIM, giving St. Louis 8 power play opportunities. I talked a while ago about how penalties played a big part in this series but 36 PIM in one game is insane. Two Sharks received game misconducts for actions on the ice.Β 

If the Sharks dream to stay alive, they can’t play like this again. They’ve got one more chance to force a Game 7 and keep their season alive. They’ll need to be the team from the 5-minute power play in Vegas; relentless, determined, and smart.

Featured Image:AP Photo | Jeff Roberson

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