Playoffs Sweep Continues

The Sweep continues! Tonight, the Boston Bruins completed their sweep on the Carolina Hurricanes and are continuing onto the Stanley Cup Finals. The game ended with a rough 3-0 in favor of the Bruins. This will be Boston’s 3rd Stanley Cup Final appearance in 10 years.

This is the 4th sweep in this season’s playoffs but there has been an interesting sequence of events following some of the sweeping teams.

The Penguins were swept the Islanders in Round 1.

The Islanders were swept by the Hurricanes in Round 2.

The Hurricanes were swept the Bruins in the Conference Finals.

It’s a cycle that has followed throughout one string of the playoffs. Now the question is, will this cycle continue into the Stanley Cup finals?

The Bruins still don’t know who they’re going to face, the Sharks and Blues are only on Game 4. The Sharks are leading 2-1 but there is still time left in their series for the Blues to snag the lead. The Shark-Blues series has been a high scoring one, the Sharks have 13 goals and the Blues have 11. The Bruins vastly outscored the Hurricanes in that series so either opponent will be more up to speed.

What this Stanley Cup Final will definitely have is penalties. Penalties have been a hot topic during the playoffs. During the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston racked up 32 PIM during 4 games. In the West, both St. Louis and San Jose have had 28 PIM, a piece, over the course of 3 games. No matter who Boston faces, there will be quite a few power plays.

Boston will be off until the Sharks-Blues series is decided. It’s crazy to think that the 2018-2019 NHL Season is almost over but there will be a grueling battle for the Stanley Cup and hopefully, the Sweep Streak ends with Boston.

Featured Image: AP Photo | Charles Krupa

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