San Jose Sharks Take Game 3 With Controversial GWG

The Sharks are now leading their series with the Blues, 2-1 after a Game 3 that ended with a controversial GWG. In the victory, Joe Thornton and Erik Karlsson had 2 goals a piece. Thornton had a 3 point game where he got an assist as well. For the Blues, David Perron had 2 goals that went back to back.

The Blues led the game from late within the 2nd period but Logan Couture came in clutch with a goal that was score with only a minute left in the 3rd period. The two teams headed into overtime.

It only took 5 minutes for Erik Karlsson to get the puck in the net but the Blues were not satisfied with the lack of a call on Timo Meier. Here is a look at the pass and goal in question.

It looks like it was a hand pass but but people online have of course began to debate if they feel it is or not. There are angles that look like the puck went off a Blues player or Meier’s stick. But in the end, it is what it is and the tally goes to the Sharks.

It’s understandable, there is frustration with the fact that it wasn’t called by Refs. But, apparently, the refs didn’t see it and the goal that was scored is unreviewable.

It’s a dumb rule but hey, revenge is a dish best served cold. Blues fans complained about when Stars fans were upset with missed calls and look where they are now. But that’s besides the point. The Sharks lead this series 2-1 and the two teams will face off again May 17th at 8 PM ET for a wild game 4.

Featured Image: Associated Press

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