Don’t Sleep On Tyson Jost

Chances are, if you don’t follow the Colorado Avalanche, you’ve maybe heard Tyson Jost‘s name only once or twice. Which is a travesty. So today, let’s talk about a talented forwatd named Tyson Jost.

Jost was drafted 10th overall in 2016 and he’s quickly gaining traction in the NHL. At the centre position, Jost weighs 191 lbs at 5’11”. Freshly 21 years old, this kid is growing to be a big name with the Colorado Avalanche. 

In his first three season with the Avs, Jost played in 141 regular season games, scoring 24 goals alongside 25 assists (49 points). In playoffs, Jost has 3 goals and 2 assists in 18 games over the course of 2 appearances.

Jost is an elite point producer in the making. Jost has an energy on the ice that he uses to make plays. He relies a lot on his skating skills and his incredible speed. Just recently, Jost (#10) saw a better opportunity for a goal up ice even though he was right in front of the net.

He’s still scrawny for his height which comes into play when we talk about his speed and his physicality on the ice. Jost is a physical player, he has 40 PIM in the regular season alongside 84 career hits. But as he “grows up” his speed and physicality are going to shape his game. 

Jost has defensive talent as well. In 3 seasons, he’s wracked up 64 blocked shots, and 54 takeaways. His puck control has improved over the course of the past season, going from a 46% Corsi For percentage up to a 48.3% this season.

Tyson Jost hasn’t hit his peak. And it’s fantastic to watch. He’s slowly becoming an elite player, if he continues at the rate he’s going. Don’t sleep on Tyson Jost because in no time, Jost and the Avs are going to be a power house. 

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