Stars v Blues Game 7: Period By Period

Hello! These are some of my thoughts that went down during the Stars v Blues game 7. I’m leaving it unedited for the time being. But this game is a killer so enjoy as I slowly lost my mind.

Period One:

The Starts started off slow but they gained momentum as the period ticked on. This was a big battle even in the first. Stars outshot the Blues, 13-10, and the game got chippy real quick.

Perron scored first (deflected in?). ZZZUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCC SCORED. Binnington was fine in net when Zucc scored, Binnington just wasn’t paying attention. If they would have challenged I would have been pissed.

Period Two:

John Klingberg is sassy and I love it. Dumb penalty by Ritchie but good kill, one shot on goal. Klinger also got a dumb penalty. Also killed. Cogs was great in the PK. This period was full of missed chances on both sides, more battling and gritty hits back and forth. 

The 2nd was scoreless for both teams so we continue 1-1 into the 3rd.

Period Three:

Alright, it’s the final 20. Oh my God.

How the fuck did no one score?? That was stressful but the hockey Gods hate u all so we’re pushing into overtime.



This Hell will never end will it. It was a gripping overtime. There were plenty of opportunities on both sides but in the end no one scored and we’re being cursed with double OT.

Double OT:

Also known as “why do the Hockey Gods hate me?” Before OT2 begins, I have my money on the Comeau-Faksa-Cogliano line pulling out the Stars goal because they were alight in OT. Klinger is awake as well. Now, let’s go into the Double OT.

Stars have rested up and are more awake in Double OT. JAMIE HAD A WRAP AROUND THAT WAS SOOO CLOSE. Both sides had so many chances.

In the end the Blues won, so go Sharks or Avs! Also Jordan Binnington still doesn’t deserve the Calder so go Miro.

Featured Image:Getty Images

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