Jason Spezza is on a Heater!

The past 2 seasons have been rough on Jason Spezza. Spezza is a 16 year veteran of the league and has played in over 1,000 NHL Games.

This season, Spezza was healthy scratched for a few games throughout the regular season due to his production being down. But Spezza was always understanding about being scratched. He’s played the game long enough to know the importance of every single point. Spezza was scratched for the first few games of playoffs but remained determined:

“I still feel like I can play, contribute and do good things. Just because I didn’t start the playoffs, I knew there would be an opportunity for me to step in and when I did, I didn’t want to come out.” (x)

It seems like Spezza has gotten the message. He may have been scratched at the start of the post season but has since comeback and been on a heater. Spezza has played in 9 games so far with he’s got 3 goals and 2 assists with 16 shots on goal.

Although he’s playing an average of 10:20 a game, he’s still making massive plays for the Stars. Just last night in Game 5 of the 2nd Round, Spezza opened the game with a goal just 3 minutes into the first period. As the Stars have to close the series at home tomorrow night, Spezza is confident in his team to do their best.

“We have a big opportunity to finish the series at home. Otherwise, if you go to a Game 7, it’s a coin flip. Anything can happen. We have the opportunity to close out a very good team and we know we’ll see their absolute best.” (x)

With Spezza as a leader for the Stars, they’re in a safe place. Not only is he on this heater, he’s a good leader that can take command and produce when need be.

Featured Image: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports

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