Jamie Benn Beast Mode Ready To Be Unlocked

Dallas Stars fans are waiting for Big Benn Beast Mode to be fully unleashed in the Stars series against the St. Louis Blues. 

Captain Jamie Benn has had some intense fights against the St. Louis Blues in the past and everyone was expecting to see a few more during this Round 2 face-off. But we have yet to see Jamie Benn go out there and absolutely decimate people. 

Via Pinterest

We’ve seen glimpses of Big Bad Benn over the course of the series but Jamie came out of his shell in Game 4 when the Stars were dealing with the Blues dirty antics. He got in peoples faces and was the petty player we needed but I was expecting him to drop the gloves within the 3rd period. Benn’s aggression bleeds urgency into the whole team and that’s what they need to take out the Blues. The series is tied 2-2 and the next two games are crucial.

That’s what the Stars need more of. Jamie’s aggressive play is trademark and using that right now is what will keep the Stars alive deep into playoffs.

Featured Image: Getty Images

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