Patrick Kane Should Be Up For the Hart

Just like Miro Heiskanen not being nominated for the Calder, I have beef with Patrick Kane not being up for the Hart Trophy.

The Blackhawks aren’t what they used to be but as time has gone on, Kaner has really thrived. Kane, this season, played in 81 games with 44 goals and 66 assists for a career high of 110 points.

In a season where the Hawks were all over the standings, Kane was a constant for the team. He pulled in a majority of their points and averaged over 22 minutes per game, another career high. Kane was pushing himself and giving himself for this team. He’s not slowing down yet either,earlier this season he told NBC Sports:

“Sometimes I almost wonder if I feel better than I did when I was in my younger 20s. There are so many different things you learn about your body, what works for you. We do a great job at the Blackhawks as far as nutrition, best ways to take care of yourself. I wonder if I almost feel better.” (x)

He deserves to be nominated for the Hart.

Sidney Crosby had 100 points this season and he’s hit 100 points in 5 seasons, he’ll he’s gotten to 120.¬†Crosby did lead his team in points this season but if I were thinking of the Most Valuable Player for the Penguins I’d put my money of Phil Kessel who had 10 game winning goals with 82 points.¬†

Kane just recorded the most amount of points he’s had in one season and he’s somehow not nominated for the Hart. He carried his team through their worst games and is STILL somehow not nominated for the Hart. Kane had the most points, the most GWG, most shots on goal for the Hawks and he still wasn’t nominated.

Featured Image: AP

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