Trading Esa Lindell Would Be A Terrible Idea

To the people on Twitter saying the Stars need to trade Esa Lindell: You’re wrong.

Esa Lindell has been one of the top defensemen for the Dallas Stars the past 2 seasons and trading him would fuck over the Stars defense. 

Not only was Esa one of the only 2 defensemen that made it through 82 games. The Stars defense went through a rotating bench of injuries and most of them fell on defensive players. Lindell remain a constant for the team in their most dire times.

He put in 24 minutes, on average, per game. He stepped up and played as many as 28 minutes on the ice. Esa led the team in blocked shots with a whopping 161 shots. At 6’3″ and 215 lbs, Esa handed out 143 hits.

Offensively, Lindell helped out. Esa had 11 goals which was 2nd among defensemen on the team. He had 21 assists and a +14 rating. When paired up with a player like John Klingberg and Miro Heiskanen, he’s an absolute beast.

This is Esa’s first playoff experience in the NHL. So far in 9 games, Esa has 2 assists and a +4 rating. Esa is averaging 26 minutes on the ice per game as well but more importantly he’s had 24 hits and 20 blocked shots.

And people keep saying that Lindell needs to get traded for someone better. Who are the Stars going to get?

Esa has built chemistry up with his defensive partners and it would be dumb as hell to trade that away. There are more players on this roster that could be traded to help the team but not Esa Lindell. He is one of the best defensemen for the Stars and without him they would not be in playoffs today.

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