Miro Heiskanen Got Robbed

Miro Heiskanen of the Dallas Stars isn’t a Calder Finalist after his rookie season and that’s a load of bullshit. Miro, a 19 year-old defenseman, has been a pillar for the Dallas Stars to lean upon all season and he’s wowed the NHL with the talent already has as a rookie.

Miro is a chill defenseman, he’s reliable, doesn’t panic, and out of this world at what he does. He puts up points and makes opponents look absolutely silly with his puck skills. He is continuing to carry his team as they push deeper into the playoff heat.

In his rookie regular season, Miro played in all 82 games, scored 12 goals and 21 assists for 33 points. He had 182 shots on goal and averaged a whopping 23:07 on the ice per game! Defensively, Miro delivered. He’s a skinnier, tall guy but he had 34 hits, blocked 71 shots, and had 35 takeaways. 

In the playoffs, Miro has 2 goals and 1 assist in 8 games. He’s +2 and is averaging 25:48 on the ice per game!

This kid is elite, I really can’t say it enough. He’s a durable player and playing big minutes like this isn’t an easy thing to do. He’s playing against veterans that are years older than him, putting up big time, making amazing moves on the ice and he’s still making those vets look like fools.

The other 3 up for the award, yes they’re talented there is no lie there. But, let’s face it, they don’t work like Heiskanen does. Miro averages more time on the ice (minus the goalie), he played in all 82 games, and even though playoffs aren’t counted in this race they should considering how this series has gone. Underdog teams just knocked 4 of the top seeds and one of them has a rookie that is outstanding. Not to mention that Miro is the first rookie since Jake Guentzel, in 2017, to have multiple multi-goal games.

In the end, Miro really doesn’t care. His exact quote was:

“I don’t care. They are good players also. So I’m having fun here in playoffs.” (x)

Miro is just that chill that it doesn’t matter to him. Of course fans and teammates are salty (see: Tyler Seguin for more) but in the end it’s still unbelievable that he wasn’t even a finalist when he’s got more talent and skill then some on the list. Miro isn’t the only great player that has missed on being nominated. Guy Lafleur, Joe Thornton, Joe Sakic, and Jaromir Jagr weren’t even nominated for the award. 

Wanna know what, the Stanley Cup is a better trophy than the Calder so it’s fine. 

I’m still gonna be a little salty but I’ll live.

Featured Image: NHL.com

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