Nate MacKinnon Working Hard For Avs In Playoffs

The Colorado Avalanche have battled their way into the playoffs following a roller coaster season. The team started hot with the top line immediately off to the races. The Avs started to hit turbulence in December that lasted until early February, at one point the Avs were 1-6-3 in 10 games. The Avs started to thaw and were able to keep themselves in a playoff spot.

The Avs have had one constant in their struggles this season in the form of Nate MacKinnon.

MacKinnon, a 23-year-old forward, finished the regular season with 41 goals (Nate’s first 40+ goal season) and 58 assists for 99 points. Nate averaged the most minutes on the ice per game at 22:05 a night. Nate played in all 82 games this season even after he sustained a foot injury in the last game before the All-Star break, was able to rehab it and come back in time to rejoin his team after the Bye Week. 

Nate MacKinnon is a durable leader for this Avs team and it’s beginning to become more apparent as the team travels further into the playoffs.

In the first 5 games if the playoffs, Nate has 3 goals and 5 assists. He’s averaging 23:47 a night and still has the energy to lay out players and help his team win. Nate has 7 registered hits, makes sense for a guy who is 6 feet tall and 205 lbs. Example A:

Overall, MacKinnon is a big part of this Avs team (shock to no one) and his steady production and leadership is going to be necessary for this team’s success. If the Avs make it all the way to the finals, A. Nate is gonna have to go full beast mode and that’s always fantastic to watch and B. I’d expect him to get the MVP for his contributions.

Featured Image: Getty Images

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