Blues Take Down Jets

The St. Louis Blues have taken out the Winnipeg Jets in a thrilling 6 game series. It’s a big disappointment for Jet fans who just had to see their team get taken down by a group of players that was, at one point, were deep in the hole.

The Blues have worked their asses off this season to get themselves into playoffs and it’s crazy to see them move into the 2nd round of playoffs.

The Blues owe a lot to Jaden Schwartz who has been a beat in this playoff run. In the first 6 games, Schwartz had 4 goals (one hat trick tonight) and an assist. He was on the ice for about 16 minutes a game and collected 7 takeaways.

Moving forward the Blues will face either the Dallas Stars or Nashville Predators. Stars take on the Preds this Monday at 7:30 PM CT. Stars lead the series 3-2.

I’m hoping for the Stars to take this series, not only because I’m a fan, but because a Stars V Blues series would be highly entertaining. The Stars and Blues, much like the Preds and Stars, always tend to get chippy. Jamie Benn usually being the instigator and it makes the games electric.

But the Preds still have a chance and we’ll have to wait until Monday to know for certain.

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