Cubs Back on the Mend

The Chicago Cubs were not exactly where everyone thought they would be coming off a hot stint in Arizona this preseason. But, after trial and error, the Cubs are flipping the script. Now, the Cubs have finally pulled themselves to .500 average with a current 4 game win streak.

The Cubs started in a rough spot. Just 2 weeks ago on April 5th, the team was 1-6 with 46 runs scored and 59 runs allowed (-13). Since then, the Cubs have worked hard and are 9-9 with 108 runs scored and only 86 runs allowed (+22).

In their last 10 games, the Cubs are 7-3. They’ve been doing good at Wrigley with a 4-2 home record but struggle on the road with a 5-7 record. As any team, they’ve had their struggles. One of the biggest has been in the pitching department. The bullpen started in a bad place.

Cole Hamels has been a steady starter for the Cubs. He’s 3-0 in 4 games. He’s pitched a total of 26.0 innings (the most of any Cubs pitcher) and achieved a 2.77 ERA. The pitches have thrown quite a few walks but Cole has only got 3 so far. He’s snagged 23 strikeouts which is 2nd on the Cubs behind Jose Quintana. Cole Hamels is going to be a pillar for this team so long as he stays healthy.

As for offensively and defensively the Cubs have been lucky for one talented 2nd baseman. Javier Baez has been having himself a great start. In Javy’s 79 At Bats, he’s had 24 hits. Of those 24, 6 were home runs. He’s collected 16 RBI’s already and a batting average of .304. Javy has always been magical for the Cubs so it’s no surprise that the 2nd baseman started out hot. Not to mention, Javy is a machine at 2nd. He’s still pulling his tricks t get the out.

The Cubs have a strong lineup this season, it’s spectacular to see them grow into this potential and it’s going to be interesting to wathc where they can go from here. This potential feels like the spark of the team we had in 2016 and there is so much they can build upon to get themselves back into playoff contention. First: Just keep this winning power train going.


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