Reliving Round One Last Season With Boston and Toronto

The Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs have bad blood built up between them. Last season, the two battled in a 7 game series that ended with Toronto making an early exit from the playoffs. This season, it looks like Toronto and Boston are headed for another Game 7 showdown.

Toronto won Game 1 of the series in a sweet 4-1 victory. This victory was short-lived as Boston flipped the script and beat Toronto 4-1 in Game 2. The Maple Leafs grabbed the reigns once more with a victory against Boston in Game 3. The series has been tied at 2-2 with a Bruins’ victory tonight.

Every game has been absolutely electric. The games have been decorated in penalties, including the suspension of Nazem Kadri, and inane goals to keep the scores high. It’s been entertaining to see regardless if you’re a fan of either team.

The Leafs are off to a better start compared to last season. The Leafs started their playoff run by losing the first 2 and worked their way to tie the series 3-3 before losing 4-7 in Game 7.

This season the Leafs have got the anger and talent to keep themselves up for as long as they can. This series has big potential to go into a gruesome Game 7. The dynamic between the teams in far opposites. Toronto has a large number of players that have only seen the first round of playoffs while Boston has a strong core of players that have won a Cup together and reached high up in the playoffs. It’s a battle of two wills and this year, the Young Guns might be hungry enough to have it.

Featured Image: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

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