Mats Zuccarello Becoming Big Name In Dallas

Mats Zuccarello is becoming one of the most important men on the Dallas Stars roster. Coming onto the team, there was an abundance of hype around Zucc and his abilities on the ice. 

The things Zucc has done since coming to Dallas have pushed those expectations through the roof.

In his first game in Chicago, Zuccarello scored his first goal as a Star as well as picking up an assist. Zuccarello did end up leaving the game with a broken arm and evidently missed out for a bit over a month. Zuccarello returned on April 2nd for his 2nd and last regular season game with the Stars, once again picking up an assist for his team.

Zuccarello has been a big part of the Stars in their playoff run. In 3 games, Mats has 2 playoff goals and putting up big minutes on the ice. He’s a game changer that the Stars have been looking for. He adds a level of skill and drive to the team that was lacking. What he adds on the ice is not the only thing that gives him value.

Zuccarello has become apart of the team, even when injured he still hung out around them and got to know his teammates. He’s got 9 years of experience in the league and has a naturally high hockey IQ. Not to mention, he’s already become a fan favorite.

Even with a large injury keeping him out, Zuccarello has already brought so much to the Stars. If he resigns, Zuccarello is going to bring so much more. 

Featured Image:Getty Images

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