NHL’s Newest Rivalry?

Every game between the Nashville Predators and the Dallas Stars has been action packed all season. These two teams are perfect for the newest NHL rivalry. It was announced in late January that the Predators and Stars are going to be facing off against one another in the 2020 Winter Classic. This game is destined to be a real show because every game between the two teams this season has been a showdown.

The Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators have faced each other 5 times during the regular season. Nashville defeated the Stars with a win in 3 of the 5 games. 

Every game was intense and put fans on the edge of their seat with rough penalties and ending in close scores. Overall there were 28 goals, 14 per team. When it comes to shots ongoal, the Preds have out shot the Stars 193-148. Each game was not just offensively interesting but the teams began to spill bad blood between one another. In all 5 games there was atleast 6 PIM per team.

These games get heated and players will throw big hits. Stars’ goaltender Anton Khudobin even got into it with Nashville’s Ryan Hartman, before Hartman was traded to Philly. In a post game interview Khudobin said he didn’t like how Hartman dove and said

“If I need to drop the gloves I will”

This rivalry is going to prosper even more before the Winter Classic seeing as the Stars will face off against Nashville in the first round of playoffs this season. The playoffs start on Wednesday, April 10th and this series will only add to the bad blood between the two teams.

Come January 1st, 2020, there is guaranteed to be some big hits and an astounding rivalry between these two elite teams. 

Featured Image: NHL.com

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