NWHL Expands To Canada Following CWHL Fold

Last week, we reported with heavy heart that the CWHL announced they were disbanding come May 1st. Fans were heartbroken at the news but the NWHL has brought the hope right back.

The NWHL has announced that they will create two teams north of the boarder come next season.

The NWHL’s commissioner Dani Rylan told ESPN on April 2nd that the league is looking to expand to Montreal and Toronto. There was suggestion at the addition of more markets being added but for now these two teams are the main focus especially when it comes to picking up the talent around these cities. Dani Rylan told ESPN:

“Obviously coming off the news of the CWHL ceasing operations for this upcoming season, it was a shock to us, but also an immediate reaction was needed from us to do what we can to provide an opportunity for those players to have a place to play next year,” (x)

This expansion is huge. With bringing women’s hockey together into one league, it can grow the game even further than when it was two separate leagues.

Women’s hockey players don’t get paid as much as they deserve to be, some have to take up 1 or 2 part-time jobs just to make ends meet. The NHL stepped in last season and gave the CWHL and NWHL $50,000 a piece, giving them some relief with their $1000,000 salary cap.

Following a meeting recently between the NHL’s commissioner, Gary Bettman, and Dani Rylan came to an agreement where the NHL will sponsor the NWHL with $100,000 this season. That money is astronomical for the NWHL. That money can go for players salaries so not only do the players get what they deserve, they can live more like pro athletes shoul, not having to take so many jobs just to get by.

The NWHL did announce on April 3rd that they will not be interviewing anyone or making any announcements during the IIHF World Championships so the players and fans can focus on the hockey being played.

The growth of women’s hockey in just the past year alone has been amazing to see. Now with more teams and players, they’re continuing this growth and giving life to the dreams of little girl all over the globe. Next season holds so much potential and so much talent that it is going to be fantastic to experience.

Featured Image: Michael Hetzel

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