Boston And Toronto Prepare for Post Season Rematch

Last season, the Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Boston Bruins in a grueling 7 game series that ended with the Maple Leafs being eliminated in the first round. Boston went on to get eliminated by the Tampa Bay Lightning in a 5 game series while the Maple Leafs returned home and learned from their mistakes.

This year the teams have a chance to rematch in the first round of playoffs. The Maple Leafs will be looking to prove themselves over last season while the Bruins are after another chance at their 2011 glory.

Let’s look back at the Leafs’ and Bruins’ seasons.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are 49-23-9 in their 81 games played. The team has 254 goals for and 206 goals against. They’ve got a 26.10% conversion rate on the power play and a 80.17% penalty kill rate. The team has a corsi for percentage of 52.9% throughout the season.

One player to look out for is David Pastrnak. Pastrnak has 38 goals and 41 assists (79 points) with a +7 rating. He’s a snipe scorer that can grab a goal in any situation. This season he’s got 17 power play goals (the team has 65 total).

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a 46-28-7 record. The team has 281 goals for and 245 goals against. The Leafs have a 22% rate on the power play with a 80.1% penalty kill rate. The team has a 51.7% corsi for percentage.

One player to keep an eye on is Mitch Marner. Marner has been on fire this season. Marner has 26 goals and 67 assists this season (93 points) with a +22 rating. Marner is a smart play maker who will either find a way to score or find a way for his line mate to score. Either way, he’s going to find a way to keep his team alive.

This rematch will be exciting to watch. Both teams have bad blood with one another and it is going to be a nail bitter until the very end. This could be the Leafs year to finally get some real playoff time or their dreams will be cut short by the Boston Bruins once more.

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